About us
Art with heads
PlastART is the internet gallery for sculptures of heads. We have made it our mission to convey 
the fascination of faces by presenting high-quality and modern busts of talented artists. 
The special feature of PlastART is our specialization in heads. 
For us at PlastART it is a matter close to our heart not only to 
draw the attention of art lovers to a single sculpture, 
but also to build a bridge to the artist.
We work close together with the artist  
Therefore we are working directly with the artist in order to be able to present him and his artworks 
with enthusiasm at PlastART. This means that we can introduce you to the artist and present him 
with all his facets and his sculptures at fair prices. 
The purchase of the bust takes place via the personal contact 
to PlastART or on request to the artist. 
PlastART stands for
√ A German company with its headquarter in Krefeld, Germany
√ Personal and telephone contact to PlastART
√ Shipping with love ♥ and hand-packed
√ International Shipping