PlastART is the Internet gallery for sculptured art that wants to convey the fascination of faces. Faces reflect the inner essence of an appearance that captures us and remains in us as an image.

The goal of PlastART is to promote sculptors who, in the broadest sense, are passionate about expressing faces and sharing their enthusiasm with those interested in arts.

PlastART uses presentation formats that convey a realistic impression of the three-dimensionality and surface of the works.

PlastART uses the technical possibilities of the internet to access contemporary sculptures and wants to reinvent their exposition.

PlastART provides timeless access to the world of sculptures wherever artists have created them.

PlastART offers the possibility of a visit to the artists’ studios and exhibitions, regardless of space or time.

PlastART organizes contacts to pioneers of creative art. The acquisition of artworks takes place through personal contact with us, with cooperating galleries or, if desired, with the artist.