With Time Margit Hohenberger

With Time
Dimensions: 30 cm
700 €
Margit Hohenberger

Margit Hohenberger

The artist Margit Hohenberger about the sculpture “With Time”:
“I had the idea of an angel. And with time, the angel much preferred to be a young woman. The development of art often depends on time. And changes the original idea. But that’s also so appealing and that’s how the sculpture “Mit der Zeit” was created. Time is a woman’s friend and enemy. Beauty is transient and wants to be immortalized for all time. This is an important motif in art. And yet one can experience time so well if one looks at art or this sculpture. The impressions come to you, they trigger thoughts and feelings and time is always with you. This bust has attracted time.I find the quotation very apt. He says something with fine irony about the values that are really important. Time and art are important. Both are difficult to grasp and need devotion to draw energy and strength from them. I wanted to capture time with my art and have dressed the bust with time. And I hope that the time underlines the beauty.”